We unify EVERYTHING for our clients. From IT Data, to Video, to Audio, to Phone Systems, to Climate Control, to Lighting, to Power Management, we do it all. We are the one-stop-shop for any company working in the 21st Century!

The Fastest Growing Division in Our Company


Control w/Wireless Presentation

Lighting Control w/Teleconferencing


Smart Office with Privacy

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

Conference rooms are the heart of successful companies. Potential client meetings, team-building events, hiring, and board meetings all happen in the conference room. AVC is the high-tech conference room expert. You want people to be impressed, your team to feel comfortable, and your investors to feel it all.

At Audio Video Concepts & Design, we understand. Feel free to give us a call. Whether you have a conference room already or are building one, let us help. We guarantee it will end up making you money!



At the core of "Modern Living" is the perfect mix between Urban Living & Technology. AVC is the only company in the Charlotte-region capable of implementing technology in spaces that have limited space while keeping modern design at heart. We have perfected the process of quickly and efficiently installing technology in buildings with many units with the least amount of intrusion.


Whether you are building a new building, or remodeling one, we can make your office/building systems operate at the touch of a button. Audio, Video, Security, Surveillance, HVAC, & Lighting all can be controlled with one of our custom systems. Company audio systems can tie back into the main system to play advertising, background music, etc. Whatever it is that you’re doing, there is a better way.



Did we mention we can save you money on energy?

Automation Systems help save you money by allocating power to proper areas at certain times, not keeping lights on in areas where there is little traffic, and by increasing your heating and air conditioning efficiency by monitoring more areas, and adjusting the fan speed and heat properly.


IT PROS - We are #theITPros

Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing industry in our world today. Audio Video Concepts is completely capable of being your IT management company. Most corporations feel the need to have their own dedicated IT professionals. The problem is that by hiring someone full-time, your costs can skyrocket. As a company, AVC can manage your IT more effectively and help minimize costs to make you more successful. We have ALL the resources you need plus the experience. We won’t waste your time by learning on the job. Plus, we don’t just have just one company we manage, we manage over 50, so you pay less than having your own full-time department (But it will sure feel like one).


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We plan out data centers all the time. IT for so many is so complicated, and those in the IT field like to keep it that way. That’s where they monopolize your wallet, but that’s where we come in. We don’t focus on maximizing the project cost, but the project benefit. We don’t pretend to be busy by making things sound more difficult in planning out your structure or scoping out your work. We can all agree that’s the funny thing about IT tech and companies, in general they like to talk over your heads and sound “geeky” because then you won’t question them. Just remember, AVC has been in the IT field for around 10 years. We are successful for a reason.