AVC's and Control4's goal is to put an Automation System in everyone's home no matter the budget. This is why our partnership is a match made in heaven.

Control4 4K Video Tutorials

The #1 Automation Company in the World

There is a reason Control4 rules the market, ease-of-integration. There is NOTHING Control4 can't control. This is why AVC has chosen to partner with Control4, the ability to get automation into more people's hands.

Now Voice Control with Alexa!


Automation everyone can use

Unlike Many Automation Systems on the market, Control4 delivers a system that is enjoyable and easy for everyone in the family to use.

The Best Solution on the Market for Multiple-Dwelling-Units (MDU's). 

Minimal + Easy = Automation 4 Everyone

Helping to usher in "Modern Living"

We partner directly with MDU contractors and management firms to give their tenants custom control of their units. 


we can automate everything & anything you already own....

  • Audio/Video
  • Lighting Controls
  • HVAC Systems
  • Door Locks & Garage Doors
  • Security Systems
  • Pools & Spas



Wherever you are, Control4 lets you access your services, prioritize
them to fit your needs, and adjust them easily to better suit your
life—all you need is Wi-Fi® or a cellular signal.