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Don't build a dull theater room that's exciting at first but you will rarely use. Choose us, the best in the business and allow us to create YOUR UNIQUE space. 

We have designed some of the most unique and most extravagant home theaters in the United States

No one puts the effort or care into a home theater like us.

Top Home Theater Brands We Use:

We are a one stop shop home theater operation. 

3D Design Services

We will 3D layout your room before build to get measurements and help you conceptually pick out colors and make changes.


Building & Integration

We have highly trained technicians & licensed electrical contractors on staff. We also don't outsource your build. We have strategic partners who can add onto your room or make structural changes which allow your permit the room which then can be added value in case you sell!

Service & Warranty

Our unique monitoring solutions can pre-determine if you bulb is going to go out on your projector and alert us and you before it happens! we now warranty our build quality for 5 years!!! if anything like nail pops, paint, carpet, added walls, cabinets, or anything else goes wrong we will fix it at no cost to you.



All theaters are pre-built using state-of-the-art 3D software. Measure twice, cut once.
That way we can layout furniture, design the room, and then we add speakers for maximum acoustics.

We have many satisfied clients in the Charlotte area!
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Our technicians are Super Techs!!! They are not only trained and skilled in AV but also in construction and carpentry!

We don't like dark gloomy theaters. However we'll build one if you want.