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How can we inspire you? We hope these pictures give you some ideas of the work we can do for you. Quality matters. These pictures show a fraction of our abilities.

We are proud of our work.  #notjustanotherAVcompany

The Ultimate Office

Complete Savant Automation System with Golf Simulator and a commercial class network infrastructure.


Audio Video Concepts' Traveling EXPERIENCE Center

Starting in 2016, we've built something completely unique to our industry, an Experience Center that goes where the people are. We want the public to see our capabilities and skill and what their potential project could entail. Not another AV company is doing this. We are the first and only. We want to step out and show our existing and potential clients who really is the better AV company. This new concept has even won Best in Show in Charlotte's Spring Home & Garden Show! Find out where our Traveling Experience Center will be next and you'll find the latest technology from automated bed lifts, gun safes, home automation, wireless audio, lighting control, shade control, mirror TV's and acoustical treatments just to name a few. 

AVC's Traveling Experience Center, Coming to An Area Near You!

Sunbelt Rentals Traveling Customer Experience Center - BizBox Trailers

Audio Video Concepts & Design, Inc. custom designed and automated five Sunbelt Rentals' new BizBox Trailers that will travel around the country and demo new products and their new app.
  • 5 Fully Automated Trailers

  • Custom built 55" & 40" Fully functioning iPads to demonstrate their new app

  • Custom Speakers to match interior design

  • Built-in Outdoor Pro Audio Solution for presentations with microphone

  • Custom TV Enclosures

  • Mobile Internet with GPS System

  • Savant Control with Video & Audio Matrixing

  • Remote System Monitoring

Visit or call your Local Sunbelt to find out where the next show with these trailers will be!


University City Church

Charlotte, NC

Duckworth's Grill & Taphouse

"Very professional, they take pride in their work by making sure that everything looks and sounds the way it should and they work hard until they get it right. Their work is also very neat; they always clean up after themselves and care about how the appearance of their installations look. These guys take care of business and I will definately use them again!"

Robert Duckworth, CEO & Founder


Uptown Charlotte


Huntersville, NC

Lemel Home Theater

"When we went through the process of trying to decide upon a company for this project – the first one we contact never bothered to show up. The next 2 companies basically limited in ideas of hanging a projector, hanging a screen and mounting some speakers. We would have to hire another group to come back and repair any of the wall damage that was necessary to connect the speakers.Then we had Audio Video Concepts stop by and the energy was immediately different. They go with an entire room concept – so that it isn’t just a room you go to watch TV – it’s an experience. It was exactly what my husband and I wanted. The workmen they had to do the construction were top notch. All in all, the room turned out fabulously! Our house has become the place to watch any major TV event. In fact, we have friends who want to move in with us! The biggest compliment were our friends teenage sons who declared the room as “Very cool!” There’s no longer any reason to go to a movie theater to watch a movie. Wait a few weeks and it will be on our private theater!"

Emily Lemel

We Love What We Do!!!

Let’s get started on your job today! We are very specialized to handle whatever you need.

Bethel Baptist Video Broadcast Upgrade

"For years Bethel Baptist has broadcast their Sunday Morning service to the community. The time had come to upgrade their broadcast from standard definition to High Definition to enhance the viewer experience and to keep current with the broadcast standard of today. They turned to our professional staff to design and install new cameras, controllers, productions switching and engineering broadcast equipment. With careful coordination we were able to successfully install the new infrastructure while still utilizing the old equipment and then cut over to the new system between Sundays , allowing zero break in the broadcast schedule. God has truly blessed Bethel Baptist with a great group of volunteers who embraced the new equipment and processes without a hitch. Bethel now enjoys the quality of HD broadcasting and within the budget they expected. To God be the Glory."

Alan Conner
Director of House of Worship AVL


Broome Home Theater

"At first glance, this project seemed impossible with the sloped ceiling and awkward overall shape. A couple other companies weren’t up for the task. We never said never. I’m proud of my team though. We built a truly unique and slick home theater room. This was one of my favorite projects we’ve done yet."

Robert Burns, COO

Luxury Home Automation and
Best-in-Houzz Winner

"The Wolfe Residence was one of the most delicate jobs we’ve done. Moving a TV an inch outside of the design planned was a process. Everything in their house was planned down to the “T”. So we worked closely with the designers to install the most unobtrusive whole house system possible. The Wolfes love AV but love their prestine home design as well. This project took the most care out of all jobs we’ve done. It deserves to be in our portfolio to show off our ability to make technology adapt to our clientele and not the other way around."

Chris Wissa, CEO



New South Recording Studio

This project was a lot of fun. To see what it turned into in the end, was very satisfying. From every light strand we pulled to automating their equipment in the studio and the custom TV display in the hangout room, this is one of the funnest projects we have been involved in.

Chris Wissa, CEO


Luxury Home Automation & Man Cave
(As seen on Houzz)