Kaleidescape System


Get Ready to Re-discover Your Love of Movies




Get ready to re-discover your love of movies. Browse your collection of Blu-ray and DVD movies via our breathtaking and intuitive user interface from the comfort of your living room sofa. Let yourself be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor. Gone are the days of digging through stacks of DVD cases for that perfect movie night. Just press Play, and enjoy the show.


the better way to watch movies...

Kaleidescape brings you a movie experience in your home unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Browse through hundreds of Blu-ray and DVD movies in snap. When you press Play, the lights go down, the masking is set and your movie starts instantly—with no previews or ads—for a truly theatrical movie experience.



Apple TV, Roku, and others don't deliver real 4K

Because we are in a "have-it-now" culture, that's just what Apple and Roku has to do with their respective players, deliver it on demand. The catch however is to send 4K video almost immediately, the video itself has to be EXTREMELY compressed. While their players can uncompress the video back and play it from the movie cloud, degradation naturally happens. With Kaleidescape, our clients get full UNCOMPRESSED 4K HDR video quality. In other words, it's like having an actually 4K HDR Bluray. This naturally brings higher resolutions of Video and Audio. You can watch your 4K movies in FULL HDR 4:4:4 at 60 frames per second with full Dolby Atmos encoded audio

The Nicest Interface You'll Ever Experience


Want to filter through Action movies? Easy. How about Genres? Easy Again. But did you know with Kaleidescape, you can search based off Director, Producer, Main Leads, Like Movies (across genres), sequels, or anything else you feel like? In other words, you can find the perfect movie for your mood. 

Own a lot of movies? Filter a number of movies you own any way you choose!

Own a lot of movies? Filter a number of movies you own any way you choose!

Watch Beautifully Mastered Music Concerts the way music is intended to be experienced.

Watch Beautifully Mastered Music Concerts the way music is intended to be experienced.



Only Kaleidescape has a Kid Remote. The moment a child pics up the remote and presses ANY button, the interface onscreen will automatically adjust and filter movies out to a set rating you allow in your house.


Kaleidescape is ready to be integrated with the either of the two control systems we install: Savant & Control4. With these systems and Kaleidescape's deep level of integration, we can events trigger off to create an emersive experience. For example, when you start Kaleidescape, lights can dim, shades can close, and a screen can drop from the ceiling. But it gets better. If you have a screen with masking (for different formats) we can trigger that masking based off the format of the video. If you watch a TV show or older movie, we can "shrink" the screen per se. If you watch a newer movie, we can give you a real theater-like experience.

Have a ton of DVD's and Blurays but can't keep up with them or know what to do?


The Kaleidescape Vault holds not only DVD's but also Blurays (up to 300). The Vault will catalog the movies and they too will become searchable along with all digital movies you own on the Kaleidescape cloud.


AVC can take all your discs and with the Vault's help, we can convert your movies to be fully digital and store them for anywhere access and even upgrade them from DVD to Bluray, or Bluray to 4K HDR!