Walking around to each TV and projector on a Sunday to power it on and off can be a chore. It can be a quick 2-minute task on a smaller system but on a larger system, this could take 30 minutes! Then you have to make sure you have the correct remote for each device! No thanks!

System automation can take little effort as this - a press of a button! From powering on projectors and TVs to adjusting volume levels in the lobby, this can all be preset at just a tap of a screen! With AVL systems becoming more complex and ever expanding, there needs to be a smarter way of controlling it.

Sure, you can use the funds for what a control system would cost to get something else, BUT in the long run it will save you time and effort on a person(s) part for making sure everything turns on and is at the right level. NO MORE HEADACHES!

Every system is special, so call us today to find out what would best suit your needs!

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