Have you ever been worshipping and suddenly there is a shrill of the PA? Or you are in the middle of a slower song and the electric guitar exclaims out of nowhere?

soundtest equipment

Music is an emotion. Like jazz or classical music, it gives the audience something to think about and invokes a certain feeling.  When you listen to jazz, the notes and instruments flow together. What if all you heard was the bass and drums and the sax was very low in the mix? You would think, “They need to turn the sax up!” If jazz was not mixed correctly or the instruments were in the wrong order of importance, distractions are created. The listener is no longer paying attention to the song or tune and their attention is on what needs to be changed.

This happens far too often during corporate worship. Building these sounds to coexist with each other is a challenge. Every instrument, microphone, loop and vocal track has its place of importance within the mix. Without practice or a sound check, the sound engineer would be lost, constantly adjusting during the service. This would cause severe distractions to the congregation with the fluctuation of the sounds.

Sound checks and practice before services are essential for any audio engineer. This provides time for him/her to arrange and perfect each input within the mix. Live audio mixes may not be perfected in one setting, but over time, your mix will fall into place. Continue to make improvements! If you don’t like something, change it. You need to establish what you want your sound to be.

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