Amanda Morrison
Client Happiness/Business Development

Every time my father goes out of town, my mom calls me and asks me to coach her through turning the TV on. Why she doesn’t just call my dad - I don’t know; maybe he’s explained the order of remotes and buttons to her too many times and is over doing it. There are three remotes to turn the TV on, and two remotes for the lighting in the living room. I tried explaining to them the benefits of a Savant system. You know, the home automation system that can turn the lights on, TV on, and can basically pop your popcorn all with a few swipes to a touch screen. 

too many remotes

Aside from Mom not knowing how to turn the TV on (which is a hassle to everyone involved), sometimes Dad can’t find the remote. It ends up squished between the armrest and cushion, a blanket will get thrown on top of it, or my giant cat will lay on it. Then what? No TV until we find it, and you know how that can get, “Stand up, where’s the remote? What’d you do with it? You had it last. No, you did have it last, I remember watching that dumb ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ show. Find it.” Turns out it was under a magazine or something. Well, with a Savant system, your phone is your remote. Any device that is able to download the Savant App can gain access to the television. No more losing your remote there. Done and done. 

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