Enhance Your Huntersville, NC Business With Smart Upgrades

If you’re running an office in Huntersville, NC, you want the technology you use every day to make your job easier, not harder. But with so many different devices available to you and your staff, it’s hard to keep track of exactly how to use everything effectively and efficiently. That’s why you’ll benefit from custom commercial automation solutions. In this blog, we’ll show you how smart technology can work to enhance your office experience for a more time- and energy-efficient workday. Read on to learn more.

Audio Video in the Boardroom

Office automation usually starts in the boardroom. Why? Because it’s often the place that houses the most frequently used technology. Whether you want to speak to a large staff and make sure everyone can hear you, or you want an easily visible image to appear on your video monitors, commercial AV solutions can simplify just about every meeting you have.

Remember the old days, when projecting a slide show on the wall meant you had to wheel the bulky projector down the hall and make sure all of the lights were off before you could begin presenting? With a well-designed automation system, you simply have to touch a button on your tablet, smartphone or computer and it sets up automatically.

You can have a projector drop down through a hidden panel on the ceiling, the lights dim, shades lower and begin streaming an image directly from your computer with the touch of a button. If you integrate distributed audio in your boardroom, you can even reach the ears of the employees or clients all the way in the back of the room, without having to strain your voice. The result is a system that saves you a lot of time and allows you to get more work done during every meeting.

Automation Throughout the Office

Did you know that lighting accounts for up to 39 percent of your business’ energy use? And that by simply adding dimmers to each space, you can save big time? Lighting is one of the most constantly used sources of energy in your business and that means it’s the perfect place to start automating.

When other components are added to the energy-saving features of smart lighting control, you can save even more! Motorized shading can help minimize solar heat gain and glare, so your thermostat can work more efficiently and your workers can be more productive.

Moreover, automating your HVAC system will ensure that no room is being cooled or heated when nobody is around. Together, these solutions can create the most energy-efficient space possible.


This is just a small overview of how commercial automation can enhance your business by saving your time and energy. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Audio Video Concepts today!