Through the 1o years of our company, the ups and downs, we’ve learned a lot. Building a successful company that can withstand the tides of business takes time. It takes Dedication. It takes Education. And it takes Application.

Here’s what we mean:

Dedication: We want to be the best AV company in North and South Carolina. We want our clients to talk about not only our quality of work but our customer service. We want to be known for offering the best brands in the business. We want to be able to offer and then deliver the best AV jobs in the industry. (Not to mention, our owners are the two biggest work-horses around!)

Education: Every employee now goes through a thorough evaluation and training process. So you won’t just get “another techie” who thinks he’s knows-it-all. Most importantly, we study everything about the products before we sell them to you (that’s important, we do our homework before, not after)! Our employees take regular online classes, and we also offer our products to our employees so they can take them home to learn them further.

Application: Here’s where we accell. We want to be the best, so we constantly evolve. AVC has grown over the years because of how well we apply our dedication and education. From how we wire homes and racks, to dealing with clients, nothing we do is average.

We learn from our mistakes and build upon our success. Period. Nobody works harder, longer, and better than we do. If you aren’t familiar with us, you should be. We promise to be the hardest working, most knowledgeable, most innovative, friendliest, and most customer-satisfaction-driven Audio Video company you’ll ever deal with. We hope that your experience won’t just make a client out of you, but a believer.