Where do I Start?

Is this a question that you have been considering? Budget concerns, equipment choices, what exactly is my next step? No need to give any of these negative thoughts room to grow. Let’s probe a little deeper into the question and look at the positive side of this.

Technology, including Sound Systems, are things that have a limited life span, eventually they will need to be replaced. If that time is now, you need a trusted partner to evaluate your current systems. A partner that will give prudent advice and a partner that is experienced in the concepts and procedures of House of Worship. That partner is Audio Video Concepts and Design. We will walk you through the process and assist in providing solutions that meet your needs and remain within your budget. It really is that simple, but what is the first step?

THE First Step IS Consultation.

Any successful project begins with this most important step. Your project has specific and unique needs and there may be numerous solutions that fit within those parameters. This is where professional consultation is critical. We provide this service by meeting with you, and your team, face-to-face to determine what you perceive as the immediate and future needs for your ministry. One of the most important points during this discussion is how to balance the budget while bringing the latest technology to the project. Providing ministry with the technology tools necessary is our specialty. We bring vast experience in being able to blend the needs of ministry, finance and technology together. Not only have we had success in developing systems for our clients, we also serve within our own local churches. For over 40 years we have been blessed to participate in ministry and we have gained great experience in how the process operated from the church prospective.

What does Consultation mean for you? It is your voice that needs to be heard. You know your ministry better than anyone and you committed to the vision. We are here to listen to you, to understand the vision and to help bring solutions that you can use. 

Your Ministry is Unique.

No two ministries are alike and so it goes to reason that you need a unique solution for your technology. That is why a consultation is so important and must be the first step. Valuable and sensitive information must be exchanged. Future considerations must be employed. Structural, mechanical and electrical provisions must be assessed. Ministry continuity must be preserved. Consolidating and forming ideas from these basic parameters is our strength. The success of any project begins with revealing the needs of the ministry and managing the expectations. From this starting point the roadmap to success can begin. 

We are ready to start the consultation with you and as your partner in ministry we are ready to serve….


Written by: Alan Conner, Sr. Project Planning & Development/Director of House of Worship Division

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