In every growing company there has to be change, there has to be innovation, and there has to be a rejuvenation. Audio Video Concepts has been around now for over 10 years and as a technology company, we always have to stay legitimate. We’ve gone through the past year an overhaul of our website. We’ve come out with new programs such as our game-changer, the “Hot-Swap” Warranty. And now we are proud to announce our new motto which will be all over our vehicles, website, business cards, signs, and everything else we do……Future Forward.

Now to some of you, this might not sound like a big deal, but let me tell you, it is. We’ve established over the years  “Define.Design.Execute.” as our motto and have lived up to every word. You see, a motto is what drives your company. It is what you can quickly instill in your employees, clients, and future prospecting clients alike. Your motto is what sums your company up with just a few words. So in essence, it is your company’s identity. We’ve taken a lot of time into thinking about what our new motto should be.

This is why we chose Future Forward.

  1. We all know technology changes daily. We are always a moment from a new announcement on the newest game-changing technology-device that will revolutionize the way we live. As a custom audio video company, we have to always prepare our customers with the possibility of tech-change. We have to constantly educate ourselves and apply that education to stay relevant. We have to always move ahead and not slow down.
  2. Our products and client projects HAVE to have the ability to be upgraded. To work with any client and not give them the ability to upgrade in the future is pointless. Many companies will waste their time and their customers’ time by installing what they feel comfortable with and is outdated.
  3. Most importantly, we want to be Future Forward-minded because we want our clients to be with us for the long haul. We want to our operate not focused on the immediate job at hand, but the potential job in the future, because that’s how we will continue to thrive. When we focus on making the client happy and keeping them that way, our clients will come back. The best business is word of mouth, and therefore that’s why we chose Future Forward.

Audio Video Concepts promises to be Future Forward in our products, our pricing, our designs, our installations, our customer service, our operations, our marketing, and our overall train-of-thought. And of course we’ll always live by Define.Design.Execute. (it’s in our blood)