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The architectural features and other characteristics of a sanctuary or worship space impact the quality of the experience for each individual in the congregation. Because a church building is similar to that of a performance space, the usual principles related to sound, lighting, and seating layout apply. The dimensions and shape of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the placement of sound and video projection systems all play a role in making a memorable service. Are you considering upgrading the AV in your Charlotte, NC house of worship? Before you do, read through our list of tips to help you get started.


Tip 1: Think Visual Impact

While church AV may have once been a luxury, it’s become a standard amenity within many worship facilities. Whether you are thinking about upgrading an older system or want to install a new one, consider how you will integrate the various electronics and how that will impact the production on Sunday mornings. We’ll work with the architect and church leadership to understand your ministry goals, style of worship, and the architect’s vision so that we can complement the skills and abilities of the rest of the design team.


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Tip 2: Old Does Not Equal Bad

The appointed team leading the AV overhaul may know that the AV system needs to be improved, but before you start drafting a shopping list of electronics, it’s best to evaluate the equipment you already have on hand. The fact that something is old doesn’t mean it is unusable. We recommend you take the time to inspect each piece of gear and ask yourself the following questions:

·         Does it work?

·         Is it worth repairing?

·         Can it be repurposed?

·         Could another church use it?


Tip 3: Develop a Strategic Plan

Almost every successful project starts with a well laid out plan. Commit enough time in the beginning to develop a strategic plan based on your church’s current and future AV needs. Put together a realistic budget by considering both short and long-term goals. What needs to be addressed immediately? Is any of the gear broken? Consider what gear or components you may need over time to provide you the functionality you want. Take into account the cost to maintain the gear, any upgrades or training that might be necessary.


Additional Tips:

·         Establish relationships with local contractors, technology professionals and repair shops.

·         Buy smart, not cheap. Remember you get what you pay for.

·         Don’t skimp on speakers, the sound board, and amplification.

·         Consider your goals, budget, and timeframe for the project.

·         Partner with a consultant who is also knowledgeable about sightlines, acoustics, and lighting.


Have an upcoming AV project? We’ve love to hear more about it to see if we might be the right partner to help you meet your ministry goals. We design worship AV systems that are versatile, flexible, and easy to use. Contact a member of our Worship AVL team to learn more.