Written by; Robert Burns

I might only be 33 years old, but I've grown up in the low-voltage world. My dad, Bryan Burns, started two low-voltage alarm companies in Charlotte, his first (with two other men) was American Burglar Alarms and then he started United Security of America, which he still owns and operates today. I remember when I was a kid no older than 6, riding with my dad in his truck to jobs where he would teach me about running wires, wiring up components, stripping wires, etc. When most guys start in the industry respectively around 20 years-old, I started when I was in elementary school. So naturally security has been ingrained in who I am. I learned the importance security has in protecting our loved ones, ourselves, and our things. Through my years I've seen countless stories of crazy crooks and "bad-guys" and how security has prevented so much possible evil.

One thing that rings true is that most people hold off and wait to do anything to protect themselves, their family, their things, or even their property until it's too late. Something was stolen, someone was hurt, or something was destroyed and they kick themselves for not doing anything before then. The crazy thing is that you don't have to look any further than Facebook or the nightly news to find that people no longer respect the things that use to be "hands-off" like churches for instance. 

Which now brings me to my point: If you are a church and don't have an extensive security program to protect your parishoners, what are you waiting on? It's no longer a matter of if something will happen but when something will happen. All too often I'll go to a church and see their lack of protection of the people and their property God has given to them. In essence, I see churches being poor stewards in that matter. Hallways and corners go unchecked around buildings, visitors and gathering places go un-monitored. Anyone can walk into any room of the building at anytime of the day if they have a key. While many churches do background checks on their volunteers, anyone who is on their campus on Sunday mornings can walk into childrens' wings/classroom areas. Employees & volunteers are left to walk to their cars alone some nights while putting in the hours to prepare for that week's services. And worshippers/parishoners' cars are left exposed for sometimes days because they left to go on a mission trip and had to meet at the church early one morning. 

You see, a lot of these problems churches can hire someone or use volunteers to help regulate, but at the same time, technology is also available that can make this sometimes daunting tasking, easier.

Here's just a few things we can do:

Door Access - Give EVERYONE on staff their own code and badge that allows them in certain spots on at certain times. You can see who was the last person in an area. Gone are the days of rekeying doors and passing out master keys, etc.

Children Check-In Systems and Security - Not just anyone can pick up your children or will be around your children.

Surveillance Systems - Watch suspicious activity and record activity to be given to the proper authorities.

Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems

At Audio Video Concepts & Design, I want YOU to know that we care about your church! We care about the people God has entrusted you to take care of. Let us help you protect not just yourselves, but everything and everyone who steps foot on your campus.  

Schedule a consultation today and we will come to your church and come up with a plan of action with you.  

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