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Amanda Morrison, Client Happiness Specialist

Years ago I hosted a huge new years eve party at my parents house when they were out of town. I had people upstairs, outside, kitchen, screen porch - okay, in every room. I was carrying around a portable bluetooth speaker, because we all know music makes the party.. unless you walk too far from the speaker and lose connection. The people who are dancing, playing card games, shooting pool, and everyone else, just stop and look around. It gets quiet. Party = dead.

Today, I’m around Sonos speakers so much, that I could quiet literally kick myself for ever thinking a bluetooth speaker was adequate for a house party. If I could have just plugged a Play:1 onto the screen porch (not as powerful, so my neighbors don’t freak out), a Play:5 in the foyer for the kitchen/family room, and a Play:3 for the game room upstairs, I would have been golden. The best thing is that Sonos doesn’t have bluetooth, it’s a plug & play that connects through WiFi. No connection issues. Oh, did I mention that I can open the Sonos app on my phone and control the volume on every speaker? AT ONCE? Yeah. All you need is an outlet, WiFi, the speaker, and your phone. Simple. My parties will never have an awkward silence again. 

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