Simplify Your Gatherings for Football Season and the Holidays


Now that summer is over and the holidays are right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking of ways you can begin preparing for the big family get-togethers coming up soon. There’s good news: smart home automation can help. Whether you’re hosting your friends and family at your Huntersville, NC property, or you’re stepping out to visit your relatives, smart automation is the perfect solution for your home. Want to know more? Keep reading!


Smart Technology Helps With Big Dinners

Preparing a big meal for the family can be hectic. Not only do you have to make sure the turkey doesn’t burn, but you also have to set the table and get everyone ready for the event. That means you don’t need your technology complicating matters. You want a system that will keep you comfortable and calm, while making it easy to stay in contact with your entire family.

One-touch controls of your whole home audio system make it easy to choose the appropriate playlist while you’re in the kitchen. Quickly adjust the lights in any area of the space so you never have to work in the shadows. If it starts to get too hot while the turkey is in the oven, easily adjust the thermostat for a more comfortable temperature.

Once dinner’s ready, you can tap a pre-programmed button and the dining room instantly prepares for the imminent arrival of your friends and family. The lights dim slightly, the music begins to play and the shades lower to allow for more privacy during the meal.

And as guests begin to arrive, you can easily answer the door and let them in with connected video doorbells and smart locks. You don’t even have to leave the kitchen!

Getting Ready for Football Season

Of course, one thing many homeowners are looking forward to this fall is the return of football season. Smart automation can help you prepare the ultimate gameday experience with integrated AV and other technologies.

Before the game starts, make sure your home theater or media room is prepared by simply tapping a pre-set button on your smartphone or tablet. That way your 4K UHD TV turns on, your Dolby Atmos surround sound system gets ready, the shades lower to minimize glare and discomfort.

Once everyone’s settled in for kickoff, you can just kick back and relax. When one of your friends gets up for a refill, let him know there are chips and dip in the cabinet via an HD intercom. He can bring back the snacks and another round of drinks while you still sit comfortably on the couch.


Are you ready to enjoy simpler family gatherings with smart home automation? Contact Audio Video Concepts today for more information!

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