Spread the Word Through Huntersville, NC and Beyond

Did you know there’s an opera house that straddles the US-Canada border? The audience sits in one country and the stage is in the other.

If someone wanted to cross over that invisible threshold, they’d need a passport!

The point is: just because you’re in one place doesn’t mean you can’t have an international presence. 

But it doesn’t take a strategically placed church to reach parishioners from around the world. You can do it right here in Huntersville, NC. You just have to use your house of worship AV system.

Here, we’ll give you some tips on reaching more people with your next sermon.

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How Do You Reach Your Congregation?

The internet hasn’t just made access to information easier; it’s completely changed our entire culture.

Today, just about anyone, in any country, can see and hear the things you share. And there’s an entire generation of people who were raised in a world where that’s possible.

Millennials are online all the time. And according to LifeWay, 54 percent say they’ve watched spiritual videos online.

More than that, according to a recent Pew Research Center Poll, 43 percent of modern parishioners say that convenience is a main factor when considering their next house of worship.    

Taken together, this means that if you’re trying to reach your congregation – both new members and old – you’re going to have to get online.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Below, we’ll list some of the essentials you’ll need to reach more people:

Network Access

No matter where you are, access to the internet is essential. Lifeway mentions that 70 percent of Christian millennials read scripture on a smartphone or online.

That means you’re probably already seeing a bunch of faces illuminated by LED screens in the pews.

Why not embrace the change in technology with lightning-fast Wi-Fi available to your entire congregation? Your fellowship will become more engaged and it becomes another avenue in which to reach them.

4K Video

Video is one of the most engaging platforms currently available. Whether you want to reach the people in the rear corner of the building or halfway around the world, it can help.

Strategically placed 4K video cameras can record you, while large, flat-panel displays show you to everyone. Plus, the video feed can be broadcast online for more eyes to see.

It will help those who can’t come in that day, and those who are miles away and want to become part of your flock. That way, anyone can become part of your community.

There are plenty more ways your house of worship AV system can improve the way you reach your congregation. 

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