In American culture today, the epitome of summertime is hanging outside by the pool, grilling out, going to the beach, and shooting off fireworks around the 4th of July. It's true, we spend a lot of time outside during the end of spring and beginning of fall but during the summer we entertain or are being entertained with outdoor activities a lot more. We practically live outside.


So now's the time to contact AVC and see how we can make your summer better and outdoor areas more enjoyable. Over the past few years, outdoor A/V has expanded immensely. It has almost had to because our culture demands it. The downside is that audio/video equipment choices have increased and become just as convoluted as ever. However, we've hand selected the best outdoor A/V equipment on the market to easily deliver outdoor entertainment at it's finest. A few of our outdoor brands are: Sunbrite, James Loudspeaker, Seura, Revel, and OpenAir

Our TV's are thinner than the typical outdoor-TV or "TV in a case," and they have pictures easy to see in direct sunlight or in the shade. They are weatherproof as well and have built dehumidifiers to keep the screens perfectly clear. You can even get them now in 4K. The most exciting part is that while outdoor TV's are typically more expensive, they are way more affordable and have come down in price significantly. 

Our landscape speakers come fully weatherproof and rust resistant with a lifetime warranty. Landscape audio quality rivals self-contained indoor audio systems nowadays. Because audio is directional, when you put speakers outside, they have nothing to bounce off or reflect the sound off like you would inside a house (walls, ceilings, furniture). The old solution of attaching speakers to your house and blasting the people on the patio so the people in yard or pool can hear, is GONE. Our new James Loudspeaker systems are based off square-footage of the listening area. We then bury the subwoofers in the ground and place "satellite" speakers around the area. The low-end/bass of the audio only plays through the highly efficient subwoofer which allows more clarity and higher frequencies to play through the surrounding speakers. The result is outstanding. You get even, rich sound throughout the area. For outdoor covered areas and screen porch our clients have the option of Revel's extreme weather speakers for in-ceiling replacements or James Loudspeaker eave speakers for instances where you want to add speakers and conceal them completely. 

And finally, we can facilitate an outdoor "movie-theater" for you and your family and guests to enjoy with easy-to-setup and pre-made systems by OpenAir. These come in handy for group gatherings, events, parties, or old fashioned family time. Movie night by the pool or in the lawn has never been so popular. We can even rent to our clients an outdoor movie system if they are having people over with a 133" Blowup screen, a HD projector and 5.1 surround included.

Let us help make your outside the tranquil, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere you've always wanted. Call us today and get you started towards being Summer's "Happening-Place."


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