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Sometimes it can feel like reaching your parishioners is more difficult than ever.

From everyday distractions to new forms of communication like social media, many people have trouble focusing on your messages.

That’s not your fault, and it’s not theirs. But if you want to reach your Mooresville, NC congregation, you’re going to have to speak their language.

House of worship AV can help. In this blog, we’ll explore a few pieces of modern technology that will help you reach every member of your congregation.

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Public Address System

Many smaller houses of worship are perfect places for community gatherings. And there’s a certain quality to speaking without a microphone that can seem appealing.

But public address systems aren’t just for megachurches with hundreds of congregants. They can help you get the most out of your time.

Smart PA systems are great ways speak in a steady, coherent and passionate way that each of your parishioners can understand. And they also help you make the experience more fun and welcoming to them.

When you’re not speaking, filter music through the distributed speakers that helps people relax. That can help stimulate a sense of community.

If you’re having an event, make announcements over the system so you can reach everyone at once.

Smart Lighting

It’s no secret that the right lighting can set the mood for an occasion.

When a singer is on stage, there’s a spotlight on them. When you’re at a movie theater, the lights dim low and viewers focus on the screen.

There’s no reason you can’t harness this concept to capture the attention of your congregation.

Smart lighting is an easy way to manage the fixtures in your house of worship.

When you’re ready to start preaching, one touch will dim the lights in the pews and your pulpit will shine.

Centralized Control

When you combine many pieces of technology, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

But if you centralize control of your system, you’ll have a much easier time staying on topic during your sermons. 

Between public address systems, 4K video displays and smart lighting, you’ll need one touch controls to maintain the flow of the day.

Integrated technology can help you by offering easy-to-use interfaces that allow your technology to function so you can move on quickly.


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