The Best Way to Present on the Market!

Written By: Rob Burns, COO, Audio Video Concepts

Have you ever wanted to do away with the cords in your corporate boardroom or in your company breakout room? Have you thought about possibly connecting an Apple TV or Chromecast to your display and trying to screen share that way, yet been disappointed in the picture quality when you do? If so, then we have a better solution for you, Barco's Clickshare. Put one in your boardroom, conference room, training room, or breakout room and you'll never do anything different again! 

Here's why:

  1. It's easy to connect! - Every clickshare has its own built-in wifi access point and a HDMI out. All you have to do is power up the clickshare and connect a HDMI wire to your projector or display. That's it!
  2. It works on every computer! - There's no telling what video output the next presenter will have on their computer. With Clickshare, there's no more fumbling around for VGA, HDMI, DVI, or Display Port wires. All you have to do is connect the Clickshare button to any USB on any computer, launch the preloaded software and then bam, with the push of the button, you are presenting.
  3. The resolution is better than AirPlay to Apple TV or Screen Sharing to Chromecast! -That's right, there is built-in scaling and processing so the fine print on the screen will look just like you are hard-wired to the display.
  4. It's secure! - There are numerous levels or security, from allowing anyone to access with a button or app, to making any user enter in a "rolling" pin to join the presentation. Also, to present one must either have a Clickshare button or be directly connected to the Clickshare's self contained wifi network. 
  5. Has an app for iOS or Android! - Presenters can download an app on their device and present easily any photos, videos, documents, Dropbox content, and even annotate live as well! 
  6. Can have multiple presenters simultaneously! - 16 Clickshare buttons can be paired at one time so anyone around a table can present, but it gets better!!! You can have up to 4 simultaneous computers on the same screen. This makes for a very productive meeting! And again, it does this as easy as connecting the button to a computer and just pressing the button. While someone else is presenting, another can connect and press the clickshare button and it will move the current presentation over to show both computers at the same time! You can keep adding up to four!

This really is a no-brainer. It is just as easy as it sounds to operate and this can easily raise the perception of others when they enter your room. It's easy to use, easy to connect, and easy to impress. AVC sells and installs more Clickshares than anyone in the Carolinas. Fill out the form below and we'll contact you ASAP to get you on the right track! 

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