Finally 7.2 is everything we’ve hoped for.

Big things have happened for Savant this past year. Savant raised an amazing amount of money, hired a very smart CEO and revamped the look and feel of their product line. Now just because we are Savant Dealers doesn’t mean we are always completely sold on every idea they have. We can get excited about many things and stay skeptical about others. Their new interface 7.0, was something we got excited about. There was much anticipation about the new change. It was going to give our clients personalized and streamlined control. When it was finally released, to say it bombed is an understatement. It was crazy buggy, flat, and not ready AT ALL for release to the general public. I spent days troubleshooting with Savant’s tech support to find tons and tons of bugs. Now they might disagree (anyone on the inside would) but no reputable company would install this software on their clients’ system only to troubleshoot consistently like we would have had to. Therefore, we held off deploying it in our systems.

Now, times have changed. Savant’s new 7.2 is AMAZING. Bugs have been squashed, features have been added, and clients are now happy. Clients have the ability to create scenes on their own. They can even activate those scenes based on time of the day or sunrise/sunset. Whole house control is now right at their finger-tips with the ability to add multiple rooms to one service for whole house party mode. Clients don’t have to use remotes anymore because by using their volume buttons on their devices like their iPadiPhone, or Android device, it will also control the volume in the current room they are in. Clients now can even give access to their family members, friends, or children all by themselves all-the-while dictating if they can control the system remotely and what they can control or see in their interface. That user can then even create their own scenes! The features are limitless!!!! Here’s the big kicker, you can now even use the Savant system on your Apple Watch or activate scenes via the new Apple Dashboard when you swipe down from anywhere on your iDevice. And one last thing, if we haven’t convinced you yet to upgrade, clients can now create their own push notifications based on whatever they want to alert them. Here are two examples: If you want your system to alert you if your temperature in your home reaches above 80 degrees in the summer, or if a light turns on while you are away.

We are excited about our future with Savant and look forward the new features coming to the Savant interface. Sign up today and you will be able to receive Savant updates from us letting you in on new products that are releasing, firmware updates, and special package deals they offer to our clients. It is our goal to provide our clients with premier products and support and keeping you in the know, is part of that job. Thanks again, and we look forward to your’s and our’s relationship with Savant to flourish.