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BY: Rob Burns, COO

After much anticipation, Savant's 8.0 platform and the Pro Remote have arrived. The newest platform is refreshing their already very popular interface. They're adding integration of Sonos, Savant Music, 4K, new Savant 8.0 Pro App and more cool integrations coming later this year. You have to see it action to believe it. When Savant released 7.0, they changed the game. Most interfaces from other companies vary too much, or just aren't as user friendly as they wished. Savant's interface added customization on a client level with the ability to easily add pictures to rooms for added customization and create scenes based on current things happening in the clients' residences. 

...Wow, Just Wow...

Now 8.0 is improving it all over again. Requested features like a "Home" screen, Sonos integration and a remote with voice activation have now been added. The Remote is the most talked about piece in the AV industry the past couple months. The new Pro Remote is voice activated and remembers actions often completed by clients. It can even save the current room scene (room light levels, audio volume, TV channel, etc.) just by pressing the mic button and saying "Save Scene". Even cooler, the remote can even remember the user and save the scenes and most often used TV channels and sync them across every device in the house automatically. 

Tune in this upcoming week, where we will talk about the new Savant Remote (non-Pro version) that will be available as a low-cost entry solution into the Home Automation arena.

Being the #1 Savant Dealer in the Carolinas, we are already trained and ready to implement or upgrade your existing Savant System to 8.0. We've had exclusive access to prepare us for the roll-out and we are ready to go when you are. 

We are offering a significant discount to Client Care Plan Holders and Warranty Clients. 

There are also AWESOME upgrade prices on upgrading your Chassis cards to 4K and your old Savant Select Remotes to the new Pro 8.0 remote!

If you are interested in the Pro 8.0 Remote or Savant 8.0 Upgrade, please fill this out and we will contact you immediately. 

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