Ensure the Sights and Sounds of Your Business Make an Impact

Whether you want to motivate a potential shopper or help maintain a comfortable working environment, the sights and sounds of your business are important. What your customers or employees see and hear is essential for affecting the behavior you want to encourage. But you can’t do that with any old commercial AV distribution system in your Waxhaw, NC business. That’s why you need to invest in a 4K, high-fidelity AV system – to clearly share your messaging with anyone who walks through the door. In this blog, we’ll show you how the right sights and sounds can make a huge difference.


Share Your Message With Distributed Video

For some business owners, the idea of video distribution conjures up visions of sports bars with cable boxes messily arranged on the other side of the bar. But actually, video systems can do way more than just stream the Carolina Panthers’ game. It can also be used to help share specific messaging with your customers.

In the case of a bar or lounge, you can install digital menus that clearly display your current selection of drinks and food, no matter where your customers sit. You can even update them in real time, so when you empty a keg or run out of a menu item, it’s easy to update the menu to avoid confusion.

And if you’re not in a bar or restaurant setting, digital signage can help ensure your message is clear. Rather than having to go to the printer every time you want to display new messaging, simply design and upload it directly onto your digital display. This ensures your business stays up-to-date on the messages you want to share, and a 4K monitor will be just as visible and sharp as any physical sign.

Smart Solution for Audio Distribution

Similarly to video, the right audio can affect the behaviors of your customer base. Did you know that music actually changes the way your customers think and act? According to MotiveMetrics, the volume, tempo and genre of the music you play in your establishment can make a big difference. And while only you know the exact thoughts and emotions you want to evoke with your audio equipment, the right distribution system can help.

For instance, nobody wants to strain to hear the music; nor do they want to have it blasting in their ear. By strategically placing each speaker around the business to maximize output without overwhelming the listener, you can have a system that sounds great no matter where you stand, and without and dead spots. That way, you don’t have to play it too loud to encourage behavior.

Moreover, when you integrate a smart audio system, control becomes a snap. You or your staff can quickly select a playlist and begin streaming the appropriate tunes at any time of day. You may want to hear something different in the morning than you do at night, and changing the playlist only takes one touch on your control device.


Are you ready to enjoy a system that gets your message across while helping to influence your customers’ behavior? Contact AV Concepts for more information today!