Written by:
Robert Sheppard
Client Happiness Specialist for House of Worship AV

These three things are the core principles in which every church service should build from. Most of the time, there are only two of these completed, which can create distractions, rough transitions, or awkward pauses - and no one wants that.


What worship songs are going to be played? What videos are going to be shown? Who is going to be performing in the band? Is there any kind of special element to the service? These are just some of the questions you should be asking when planning out your Sunday morning flow. Just like the pastor will plan out his sermon during the week, the worship and technical staff need to do the same. This ensures proper direction for staff and volunteers.




Practice makes perfect! There is no way around it. The more you practice the flow of service, the better your staff and volunteers will be at knowing when to hit their cues. Set a day during the week to have the staff and volunteers meet and practice going through the service. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and there will not be any confusion when Sunday rolls around.



Did you plan it? Did you practice it? Great! You are ready for your Sunday morning to go off without a hitch. This should be the easy part. Hard work always pays off. The congregation may not know the hard work that the team put in, but you can pat yourself on the back, give God glory and know everything went according to plan.

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