We are a relational company. Through our years of operation we've worked on trying to balance our company's growth with staying personal with our clients. Making clients feel special is very important and is the backbone of our company. When our clients deal with us, we go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. This takes a lot of back-end work that the client often doesn't see, but feels. We've invested a lot of money and time into our company's infrastructure and client processes. And are still working to improve daily. Focusing on care is what has kept the personal feel of our company like it was when originally started by Chris and Rob.


You see, it's so easy to focus on the upcoming jobs. As we've grown, we see more and more cool opportunities to do custom-one-off projects as well as, what we like to call: Statement Projects. What we focus on however, is keeping all clients happy. This is not easy and at times can be very stressful, but it pays off ten-fold in the long run (more so than the newest client with the big job). Here's why: when you get a new job or it's huge or super custom, the client might be an amazing client, but they (just like you) are new to the relationship. They don't know how you operate. They don't know how dedicated you are or if you are going to take off with their money. So often times they are more skeptical at first, even after they give you a deposit (wouldn't you be). Client projects that you work hard to keep, large or small, are more likely to talk about you to their friends and/or do more work with you in future. They give you the backbone to at least sustain and build upon.

At AVC, we believe in Client Care through all phases of the job, from Sales to Service. We want our clients to feel special. Those who first meet us to the clients who have been with us for years, they all matter the same. We don't do projects NO MATTER THE SIZE for immediate gratification. We want to be their AV company for life. When our clients think of any technology, we want them thinking of Audio Video Concepts.

We want you to know: No matter if you are a new client or old client, you are very important to us. You've made the right choice selecting AVC as your Audio/Video/IT company. We are here for the long haul. We are committed to you regardless what you spend. We strive daily to maximize your satisfaction! 


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