Don’t Rely on Outside Companies to Handle Your Business’ Information

For many companies today, relying on internet-based services for their information technology needs may seem like a no-brainer. After all, isn’t it cheaper to make a Skype call than to use your own phone system? But losing sight of your enterprise IT systems can be damaging to your business in the long run. In this blog, we’ll explore why you should invest in reliable IT services for your Mooresville, NC business. Read on for more.


What Is Enterprise IT?

For starters, let’s define what we mean by “enterprise IT.” Information technology encompasses just about every device you use to communicate and store information throughout your business. This includes everything from your telephone and computer to your customer relationship management software, plus email and web servers. Throughout the 20th century, the IT industry was a growing field, with many companies employing internal or external professionals to come in and set up these systems. Today, more and more businesses are leaning on outside, internet-based services to do this job for them.

What Happened to Enterprise IT?

As businesses moved into the 21st century and the internet continued to grow, offsetting the costs of IT installation and maintenance by using outside, internet-based serviced seemed like a practical solution to start lowering costs. For instance, only the largest businesses hosted their own websites and email accounts. Most were capable of doing comparable business without the large initial investment setting up the servers on site.

So companies started sprouting up that specifically catered to business needs. You now no longer had to have a phone line installed, you could simply call via the internet. You didn’t have to organize your customer information, an online service did that for you. In fact, according to Accenture Strategy, up to 60 percent of executives surveyed believed IT had no positive impact on their businesses.

Why Invest in IT?

With so many services at your fingertips, why would you want to invest in IT for your business? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Below, we’ve listed a few:

Efficiency: You wouldn’t purchase an incomplete car and rent an engine from one company, a transmission from another and brakes from yet another would you? When you outsource your IT to various cloud-based services, that’s exactly what you’re doing. It’s much easier to customize the various components that make up your automobile when you own them, and can tailor them to the way you use it. Similarly, with outside companies, you have to purchase pre-packaged services that you may not need or ever use.

Security: With so many recent high-profile system hacks, you can’t depend on big-name services to keep your information safe. Whether you’re concerned with highly sensitive emails or installing a VPN to make sure your files are secured, you want systems in place that you can protect yourself. After all, no one will be as concerned with your business as you are.

Reliability: In October of 2016 a massive DDoS attack essentially shut down the internet on the eastern seaboard. Many businesses were completely helpless and it caused massive disruption to workflow throughout the country. And while this is an extreme example, it also illustrates the importance of maintaining your own IT systems.

Enhanced security features can help you avoid malware and other potential threats like the one that shut down many of the internet’s top sites. Plus, installing IT solutions can give you complete control over what happens with the information you share through your business. Neither of these are guaranteed through outside


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