AVC has a strategic approach to Savant.

We are the largest Savant systems Pro dealer in the Carolinas.


Find out today why your next Savant System should be with us!


Target Audience

The reason why Savant & AVC are the perfect fit, we can do any size & any budget. We can control from your living room to the new World Trade Center Building Tower 7.

Advanced OS

Savant’s Operating System, Racepoint Blueprint, is the most advanced control operating system in the world. With an Apple Mac Mini as the brains running the system, expect what you pay for.


It’s not just about controlling an environment. It’s about adapting an environment. Many companies forget that. At AVC, we work closely with Savant to make sure technology adapts to you not the other way around.

Key Elements

AVC and Savant work to integrate all systems (lighting, shades, HVAC, audio, video, pools, jacuzzis, & sprinkler systems) into one EASY-to-use interface.

Savant 4K Video Tutorials

Check out the Savant Pro Remote with Voice Control



Savant Advanced UI

Savant’s advanced UI tells you everything that’s going on in your home or business. Unlike other Automation companies, Savant’s fresh User Interface is as intuitive as using Apple’s own iOS. There’s nothing new to learn for most users. To control your home or business, it’s as easy as opening up the app. It’s so advanced, it’s the easiest to use on the market.


Wake Up Your Home

Schedule a “Good Morning” scene where the house warms before you rise, fades into your favorite song, and turns the news on in the kitchen. Coffee, anyone?


Keep An Eye On Things

View all the rooms at a glance to check in on your family, get notifications if something is amiss, and re-set the alarm if necessary. Peace of mind is important, and Savant helps you rest easy.


Play In Your Room

Enjoy your personal dinner prep playlist while a party mix is on upstairs and the kids are streaming HD video for a matinee in your living room.


Wherever you are, Savant lets you access your services, prioritize
them to fit your needs, and adjust them easily to better suit your
life—all you need is Wi-Fi® or a cellular signal.