Our Story

We are a professional & custom audio video company with the drive to be the best in the industry, matched by commitment to quality and innovation. For over 15 years, Audio Video Concepts & Design has solidified itself as the true leader in home & business innovations.

We provide multiple services for our clientele, making us a one stop shop. On staff we have designers, installers, programmers and even our own contractor to better serve our clientele. That keeps us from out-sourcing our services; thus, keeping your project more cost and time affective.


Our Mission

Audio Video Concepts promises to be Future Forward in our products, our pricing, our designs, our installations, our customer service, our operations, our marketing, and our overall train-of-thought.

  1. We all know technology changes daily. We are always a moment from a new announcement on the newest game-changing technology-device that will revolutionize the way we live. As a custom audio video company, we have to always prepare our customers with the possibility of tech-change. We have to constantly educate ourselves and apply that education to stay relevant. We have to always move ahead and not slow down.

  2. Our products and client projects HAVE to have the ability to be upgraded. To work with any client and not give them the ability to upgrade in the future is pointless. Many companies will waste their time and their customers’ time by installing what they feel comfortable with and is outdated.

  3. Most importantly, we want to be Future Forward-minded because we want our clients to be with us for the long haul. We want to our operate not focused on the immediate job at hand, but the potential job in the future, because that’s how we will continue to thrive. When we focus on making the client happy and keeping them that way, our clients will come back. The best business is word of mouth, and therefore that’s why we chose Future Forward.

You see, a motto is what drives your company. It is what you can quickly instill in your employees, clients, and future prospecting clients alike. Your motto is what sums your company up with just a few words. So in essence, it is your company’s identity. We’ve taken a lot of time into thinking about what our motto should be.
— Robert Burns, COO & Co-founder

Our Faith

At Audio Video Concepts & Design, we would like you to know what we believe. “Why?” you may ask…so that first and foremost we give credit where credit is due, to our God. We don’t believe that you are reading this by chance so we want you to know that we are thankful for you taking the time to do so. Second, we believe it is God who has grown our company because we honor Him first in all we do. We aren’t perfect, only Jesus is, but we strive to treat every client with the respect they deserve because mankind was made in His image. And third, so you know that no matter what your belief system is, we believe that every move we make is being watched by the Lord. Therefore, we promise to treat our clients with respect no matter the race/religion/or creed, use kind and clean language, be honest in EVERY aspect of our company’s operations, and never become arrogant because without Him, we feel we would be worthless.   If you would like to learn more about our beliefs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love the opportunity to speak to you more about why Jesus is important to us and why He should be important to you. 








  • selected into cepro100 -- 2018


  • Dante Level 2 certified

  • lutron lighting design certified

  • lutron shade certified

  • CEDIA certified technicians

  • brightsign digital signage expert


  • PCNA Certified Network Specialists


  • CEdia member

  • prosource member